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Healthcare Teams

To enable clinicians to collaborate in an interdisciplinary mode, to become more efficient and to minimize errors.

Healthcare Software

We provide healthcare teams collaboration tools integrated into their existing local systems in a completely transparent way.


Our tools integrate best practices to protect patient data and ensure their confidentiality.


Our tools are designed to enable healthcare teams to act quickly, wherever they are.

What is CreativAxion?

CreativAxion is focusing on the efficiency, effectiveness and performance of its products and services, to the greatest satisfaction of patients and clinicians.
For Healthcare teams.

Who we are?

CreativAxion is a startup that is engaged in the design and development of software mainly for the healthcare sector. It was founded by three seasoned professionals driven by the same passion; developing innovative ideas that make a real difference in the healthcare domain.

We provide health information exchange tools for the benefit of patients and clinicians, while preserving information assets/systems. Securing confidential patient data is at the core of our activities. Our products are powerful collaborative tools allowing clinicians to work in interdisciplinary fashion and gain efficiency.

Find out how the OPHelIE platform can optimize your work.

Communicate with different systems

The best of both worlds

Clinicians want rapid access to all available health data to accelerate their decision-making and properly serve their patients. They want complete, accurate and up-to-date data. And this, by using a single tool; their existing system (their EMR1, their PMS2 or their EHR3) to obtain the consolidated view of the patient file.

Members of healthcare teams and clinicians want to work in an interdisciplinary fashion to ensure proper follow-up for their patients. They want to share data, manage it, analyze it and integrate it. In reality, clinicians use different systems, making exchanges and collaborative work difficult: telephone, fax, nothing is truly integrated. And each clinician wants to keep his/her existing system!
At CreativAxion, we believe it is possible to have the best of both worlds! Therefore, we created the OPHelIE platform.
OPHelIE allows clinicians to use their local system to manage their patient records AND to communicate with other members of the Healthcare Team, regardless of the systems they use. The collaboration functionalities are integrated into the local systems in a completely transparent manner and OPHelIE, acting as a federating agent, supports the integration and inter-system interoperability.
1 EMR: Electronic Medical Record, 2 PMS: Pharmacy Management System, 3 EHR: Electronic Health Record
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We create innovative software products that empower people to improve their health, improve their quality of life, enable their healthcare teams with better tools and means to work in interdisciplinary fashion and thus improving overall healthcare delivery.

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